Chapter 23: AP FOLLOW-UP

1. Which of the following countries experienced a rebellion that was primarily motivated by nationalism soon after the end of the Napoleonic wars?

2. In England in the early nineteenth century liberals worked most actively to

3. Tsar Alexander I of Russia came increasingly to fear all of the following EXCEPT

4. Which of the following was a great movement of religious and spiritual renewal in England 1750-1850?

5. Who among the following was NOT a Romantic author?

6. The Romantic movement of the early nineteenth century was a reaction against the

7. The Allies who defeated Napoleon restored which monarch to the French throne in 1814 and again in 1815

8. Which of the following best describes the spirit of the Congress of Vienna

9. Railways made many significant changes in daily life. These included all of the following EXCEPT

10. The most important sector of the early industrial revolution was

11. Early uses of the steam engine included all of the following EXCEPT

12. Which name does NOT belong on this list?

13. Which of the following was the most dynamic industrial city in Europe during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries?

14. Who among the following was NOT a leasing figure at the Congress of Vienna

15. Nineteenth century liberalism was most likely to be espoused by

16. James Watt and Matthew Boulton were a notable combination of

17. Which of the following countries did not experience a rebellion or civil disturbance between 1820 and 1830

18. Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia is supposed to have said, "I will not pick up the crown out of the gutter," in response to a request made by

19. Panslavism was

20. The Home Rule struggle in the British parliament during the second half of the nineteenth century was concerned with

21. The most serious challenge to Hapsburg authority within the empire in the period of 1848-1868 came from the

22. One of the most serious impediments to Italian unification in the mid-nineteenth century was

23. Which country or province was NOT incorporated into the united kingdom of Italy during the nineteenth century?

24. The Irish emigrated to the United States and elsewhere in the mid-nineteenth century because

25. The "Second Republic" of France began in which year?